Diversity Mark

Everyone counts, everyone contributes, everyone succeeds. 

At St. Clere’s School, we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusion practice of both our pupils and staff. To celebrate our work and to continue strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have begun our journey to becoming a centre of excellence by completing the Diversity Mark. 

‘This is a school in which people with different backgrounds, beliefs or personal characteristics are treated with respect’ - Ofsted, 2018. 

What is the Diversity Mark?

The Diversity Mark is a programme focused on developing inclusive practice and mainstreaming diversity in education. The aim of the inclusive approach is to improve educational practice and outcomes. The Diversity Mark is the leading framework in education for achieving more inclusive outcomes. It also provides an external validation of progress. 

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To complete the Diversity Mark, as a school, we must meet the following eight key performance areas: 

Diversity Mark Areas

The Standards we intend to meet also provide a practical tool for schools committed to excellence in teaching and learning as well as the delivery of innovative practice across a broad-based curriculum offer. 

In order for us to become a centre of excellence, we need to work in partnership with pupils, staff, parents and our community. 

During the academic year of 2021/22 St Clere's were awarded the Bronze level Diversity Mark award. We completed all of the standards in strand 1 which focuses on us ‘establishing a commitment to build an ethos of Diversity and Inclusion that can be embedded across the school’.

Our School Council – Diversity Members 

Diversity Mark Council Members 2021 22

‘Disadvantaged pupils work well in lesson and make good progress over time’ - Ofsted, 2018. 

Term 1 Update

What have we done during term 1?

  • Staff have delivered assemblies on Black History Month, International Day of Peace, Anti-bullying week and Diversity Mark awareness.

  • Reviewed our current Diversity & Inclusion work compared to other local Schools in order to generate an action plan.

  • All staff have completed CPD training on the ‘Certificate in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ with an aim to improve all staff’s Diversity & Inclusion knowledge and practice.

  • Created a ‘Diversity Mark’ page on our school website to increase awareness of the school’s focus to establish a commitment to build an ethos of Diversity and Inclusion that can be embedded across the school.

  • Spread awareness around school of the Diversity Mark work being completed this school year. There are now posters in all classrooms around the school asking for pupils to support with their ideas being welcomed on how to improve the school’s diversity and inclusion work. 

  • We reviewed St. Clere’s Character survey that was completed in term 3b of 2020/2021 academic year and planned on how to develop St. Clere’s character moving forward. 

  • Continue the House Role Models work that began last academic year (2020/2021). Asking pupils to consider appropriate Role Models to represent their Houses.

What are our plans for term 2?

  • Organise a meeting between Mrs. Hughes and the Diversity School Council subcommittee to address areas of the school the pupils believe need to be developed.

  • Continue to deliver assemblies on Diversity and Inclusivity themes to continue educating all pupils.

  • Complete a ‘Diversity & inclusion’ review in all Departments across the whole school with the aim to develop Diversity and inclusion in all subjects.

  • Ask Inclusion leads to complete a ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ review with the aim to develop Diversity and inclusion in all areas of the school to improve pupils’ progress and wellbeing.

  • Shortlist Role Models for each respective House to have as their representatives as their House Role Models.


Term 2 Update

What have we done during term 2?

  • The Diversity School Council subcommittee have met with Mrs. Hughes and discussed their fellow pupils’ ideas on how to make St. Clere’s both more inclusive and diverse.

  • The pupils asked if we could implement a Culture Day/week at St. Clere’s in term 3. Pupils will be given the opportunity to wear clothes that represent their culture for the day and will learn about all cultures in their respective subjects throughout the week (27th June).

  • There are now gender neutral toilets that can be accessed by pupils following a request from the Diversity School Council subcommittee.

  • A ‘report discrimination’ email address is being set up for pupils to be able to disclose any discriminatory acts that they are subjected to or witness at school. The School Council believed this would encourage pupils to disclose issues that they may not feel comfortable talking face-to-face about. 

  • The Diversity School Council subcommittee have worked with both Mr Allen and their forms to come up with their preferred House Role Models. The House Role Models will represent their respective Houses therefore, pupils have had to work together to discuss the most appropriate Role Model for their house with a focus on making the Role Models more representative of our whole school community.

  • Staff have delivered assemblies on LGBTQ+ awareness month, House Role Models, International Women’s Day and Diversity & Inclusion for Martin Luther King Day.

  • Heads of Departments have been asked to review the curriculum that they are teaching across the whole school cohort. Heads of Department will now work with their teaching staff to develop their teaching and schemes of work to be as diverse as possible to aid the pupils’ progress.

  • Inclusion leads across the school have been asked to review the support they put in place for pupils of St. Clere’s and continue to develop their work to be as diverse and inclusive as possible to aid the pupils’ progress and wellbeing.

  • A whole staff ‘Diversity & Inclusion review’ survey has been given out for staff to complete. The results will allow the school to plan how to improve our Diversity and Inclusivity work for the remainder of the academic year and into the next.

  • Mrs. Martin has started a LGBTQ group. They meet every Monday morning to discuss how they can improve pupils’ school experiences.

  • Many of our pupils and staff have been involved in the spectacular performance of Hairspray The Musical (Wednesday 30th- Friday 1st April). The choice of musical spotlights the importance of inclusivity and showcased our pupils’ diversity and diverse skills in a positive light.

What are our plans for term 3?

  • Successfully run the Culture Day/Week the week commencing 27th June 2022.

  • Organise another termly meeting between the Diversity School Council representatives and Mrs. Hughes to reflect on progress and discuss new ideas.

  • Successfully implement the ‘report discrimination’ email address for pupils to be able to use.

  • Complete our staff ‘Diversity & Inclusion review’ and plan how to develop our inclusive practice moving forward.

  • Encourage parents/guardians to support our ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ review by completing our parent/guardian survey.

  • Allow time in school for pupils to complete a pupil friendly ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ review survey.  

  • Organise and run a Diversity exploration school trip.

  • Deliver another Diversity & Inclusion focused assembly to years 7-10 (week commencing 18th April).


Term 3 Update

What have we done during term 3?

  • We have successfully run a Culture Week during term 3. This involved adapting the texts, extracts, poems and content used in all lessons to celebrate the diverse cultures across the curriculum. 
  • We have successfully implemented a 'reports discrimination' email address for pupils to use if ever necessary. 
  • Completed our 'Diversity & Inclusion' review with both teachers and members of staff. 
  • Delivered 3 Diversity and Inclusion assemblies throughout the school year (1 each term). 
  • The Diversity School Council Sub Committee met with Mrs Hughes to discuss their latest ideas to be implemented next academic year. 
  • We were also awarded the Bronze level Diversity Mark Award. 

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