Diversity Mark

Everyone counts, everyone contributes, everyone succeeds. 

At St. Clere’s School, we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusion practice of both our pupils and staff. To celebrate our work and to continue strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have begun our journey to becoming a centre of excellence by completing the Diversity Mark. 

‘This is a school in which people with different backgrounds, beliefs or personal characteristics are treated with respect’ - Ofsted, 2018. 

What is the Diversity Mark?

The Diversity Mark is a programme focused on developing inclusive practice and mainstreaming diversity in education. The aim of the inclusive approach is to improve educational practice and outcomes. The Diversity Mark is the leading framework in education for achieving more inclusive outcomes. It also provides an external validation of progress. 

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This school year, we are focused on ‘establishing a commitment to build an ethos of Diversity and Inclusion that can be embedded across the school’.   

To complete the Diversity Mark, as a school, we must meet the following eight key performance areas: 

Diversity Mark Areas

The Standards we intend to meet also provide a practical tool for schools committed to excellence in teaching and learning as well as the delivery of innovative practice across a broad-based curriculum offer. 

In order for us to become a centre of excellence, we need to work in partnership with pupils, staff, parents and our community. 

Our School Council – Diversity Members 

Diversity Mark Council Members 2021 22

‘Disadvantaged pupils work well in lesson and make good progress over time’ - Ofsted, 2018. 


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