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Posted on: 05/05/2020

Year 8 Humanities Choices



Dear Parent/Carer


As part of your child’s curriculum next year, pupils will continue to study both History & Geography, but will choose a preference. This preference will mean there will be a heavier weighing of lessons on this preference, with the intention that this then becomes one of the GCSEs they study in Key Stage 4.


Please can I ask for your support in listening to the attached PowerPoint (Link Here) with your child and discussing the content; so they can make an informed decision about the preference they choose.


Once this decision has been made, please can you email me your child’s full name, form group and preference. My email address is


Please can you ensure this is sent to me, by no later than Friday 8th May 2020.


If you have any subject related questions please email Miss Field on . If you have any questions about the Y9 curriculum next year, please email me directly.



Yours faithfully


Mrs N Whitehead

Deputy Head Teacher