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October Mock Exams

Please see below the timetable for this October's year 11 mock exams and COVID-19 safety measures for the examinations.                                                                          COVID-19 Safety Plan for Mock Examinations 1. Invigilators will be issued with face shields - they may also wear face masks if desired. 2. Students must wear face masks whilst making their way to, and entering the exam venues until they are seated. During their exam students may wear face shields or masks if they wish to, but this will not be compulsory. Students must put face masks back on before they are dismissed from their exam venues. 3. Students will be led to exam venues by form tutors at the beginning of the day - this will be staggered to minimise crowding, and supported by senior staff. 4. Senior staff will help supervise students both entering and leaving exam venues throughout the day, to minimise crowding, and to ensure students return to their classrooms promptly. 5. Students must sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving the exam venue. 6. Exam papers will be put on desks before students enter their venue - the papers will be left on desks after exams, and collected when the students have left. This will help minimise contact. Gloves will be used for paper collection and distribution. 7. Seats and desks will be wiped with antibacterial wipes by Invigilators after each exam sitting. 8. Equipment handed out during exams must be wiped with an antibacterial wipe before handing it out, and after collection, to prevent cross contamination. 9. Hair must be tied back. 10. Watches may be worn if they can be washed or wiped with a disinfectant wipe 11. Rings with stones may not be worn. Wedding rings are permitted.