Anti-Bullying Strategy

We believe that all pupils have the right to work and learn in a happy and caring environment.

Bullying is:

Deliberately hurtful and repeated behaviour over time against an individual.

It can be: Physical – any type or threat of violence

Verbal – name calling, teasing or spreading rumours

Emotional – being kept out of a group or laughed at

Racial – comments or gestures about a person’s background

Sexual – unwanted physical contact

Cyber – when someone uses technology (such as the internet or a mobile phone) to bully others

We are all responsible for preventing bullying.  How to defeat the bullies: what we all can do…..

• Tell your parent or guardian what’s happening.

• Tell a teacher about the problem and if it doesn’t stop go back to the teacher again.

• Try to ignore the bullies. If they fail to get a reaction they may give up.

• Try standing up for yourself. Be assertive, but don’t come down to their level. You might end up in trouble.

• Ask your friends and classmates to stick up for you. If you all stick together, the bullies lose their power.

• Keep a record of what’s happening and ask your friends if they’ll act as witnesses if you need adult help to sort things out.

• You must speak out: bullies rely on their victims and witnesses staying silent.

• If you witness another person being bullied, tell a teacher about it.