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Staff Contact List

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your child.

In the first instance, please contact either your child's Form Tutor or the subject teacher. 


Head Teacher:

Mrs  A  Hughes – headteacher.scs@stcleres.coop

Senior Deputy Head Teacher:

Mr J Callender – j.callender.scs@stcleres.coop

Deputy Head Teachers:

Mrs N Whitehead – n.whitehead.scs@stcleres.coop
Dr D Loneragan – d.loneragan.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Purkiss – j.purkiss.scs@stcleres.coop

Assistant Head Teachers:

Mrs H Law – h.law.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Lucas – m.lucas.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs C Martin – c.martin.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Pavitt – a.pavitt.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Solis – j.solis.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Yeomans – j.yeomans.scs@stcleres.coop


Mrs C Martin – c.martin.scs@stcleres.coop​

Heads of Year

Year 7:   Mrs E Duque – e.duque.scs@stcleres.coop
Year 8:   Mr L Taylor – l.taylor.scs@stcleres.coop
Year 9:   Mr C Yeomans – c.yeomans.scs@stcleres.coop
Year 10: Mr A Dobson – a.dobson.scs@stcleres.coop
Year 11: 
      11B1:  Mr Callender / Mrs Martin – j.callender.scs@stcleres.coop / c.martin.scs@stcleres.coop
      11B2:  Mrs Yeomans / Mrs Lill – j.yeomans.scs@stcleres.coop / h.lill.scs@stcleres.coop
      11C1:  Mrs Whitehead – n.whitehead.scs@stcleres.coop
      11C2:  Mr Lucas – m.lucas.scs@stcleres.coop
      11G1:  Mr Solis – j.solis.scs@stcleres.coop
      11G2:  Mr Purkiss – j.purkiss.scs@stcleres.coop
      11W1: Mr Loneragan – d.loneragan.scs@stcleres.coop
      11W2: Mrs Pavitt – a.pavitt.scs@stcleres.coop

Heads of Faculty

Art, Craft & Design: Art, Food and Cookery, Graphics and Textiles
Mrs M Wilson – m.wilson.scs@stcleres.coop

Performing Arts: Drama & Music
Mr L Brown – l.brown.scs@stcleres.coop

Heads of Subject

3D Design - Miss S Calleja – s.calleja.scs@stcleres.coop
Art: Miss S Calleja – s.calleja.scs@stcleres.coop
Business Studies: Mr J Solis – j.solis.scs@stcleres.coop
Drama: Mr L Brown –  l.brown.scs@stcleres.coop
English: Miss S Nelson – s.nelson.scs@stcleres.coop
Food and Cookery: Mrs T Warren – t.warren.scs@stcleres.coop
Graphics: Miss E Jones – e.jones.scs@stcleres.coop
HI Resource: awaiting appointment
History: Miss Field – s.field.scs@stcleres.coop
Geography: Mrs S Garrod – s.garrod.scs@stcleres.coop
ICT: Mr R Chagger – r.chagger.scs@stcleres.coop
Languages: Mr N Saxton – n.saxton.scs@stcleres.coop
Maths: Mr N Rehman – n.rehman.scs@stcleres.coop
Media Studies: Mr A Salmon – a.salmon.scs@stcleres.coop
Music: Miss F Squire – f.squire.scs@stcleres.coop
Numeracy: Mr N Rehman – n.rehman.scs@stcleres.coop
P E: Miss H Saywood – h.saywood.scs@stcleres.coop
Psychology: Miss L Woodcock – l.woodcock.scs@stcleres.coop
Religious Education: Mrs Jellicoe – a.jellicoe.scs@stcleres.coop
Sociology: Miss J Mead – j.mead.scs@stcleres.coop
Science: Mr M Dennis – m.dennis.scs@stcleres.coop
Textiles:Miss C Calleja – s.calleja.scs@stcleres.coop
VI Resource: Mrs H Brice – h.brice.scs@stcleres.coop

Teaching Staff

Mr M Ahmed - m.ahmed.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs T Allen - t.allen.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Ashdown - j.ashdown.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss E Backhurst - e.backhurst.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr D Beneteau - d.beneteau.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs S Benson - s.benson.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs H Brice - h.brice.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Bray - a.bray.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss L Brooks - l.brooks.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr L Brown - l.brown.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Calleja - s.calleja.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Callender - j.callender.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr R Chagger - r.chagger.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs K Clark - k.clark.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Cochrane - j.cochrane.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr T Coldham - t.coldham.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Cottrell - m.cottrell.scs@stcleres.coop
Ms R Cross - r.cross.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs C Curran - c.curran.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr G Davies - g.davies.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Dennis - m.dennis.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr A Dobson - a.dobson.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs E Duque - e.duque.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs S Fernon - s.fernon.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Field - s.field.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs N Fayers - n.fayers.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs S Garrod – maternity leave
Mrs P Gisby - p.gisby.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs K Gregory - k.gregory.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs N Gray - n.gray.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss J Hill - j.hill.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss A Hughes - e.hughes.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Jellicoe - a.jellicoe.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss E Jones - e.jones.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss H Jones - h.jones.scs@stcleres.coop
Ms Z Kadir - z.kadir.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Kowlessur - m.kowlessur.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs H Law - h.law.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr K Rochester - k.rochester.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss M Rose - m.rose.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr D Le Roux - d.leroux.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss H Lebeze - h.lebeze.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs H Lill - h.lill.scs@stcleres.coop
Dr D Loneragan - d.loneragan.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr P Losik - p.losik.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Lucas - m.lucas.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr P Margiotta - p.margiotta.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs C Martin - c.martin.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss J Mead - j.mead.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Nelson - s.nelson.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs H Norford - h.norford.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr K Parkes - k.parkes.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Pavitt - a.pavitt.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Purkiss - j.purkiss.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr S Reed - s.reed.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr N Rehman - n.rehman.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss J Rhoden - j.rhoden.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Rivers - a.rivers.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr A Salmon - a.salmon.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr N Saxton - n.saxton.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss H Saywood - h.saywood.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss N Silk - n.silk.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss M Sholaja - m.sholaja.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs S Siddiqui - s.siddiqui.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr S Singh - s.singh.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss L Smith - l.smith.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr J Solis – j.solis.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr A Spratt – a.spratt.scs@stcleres.coop
Ms F Squire – f.squire.scs@stcleres.coop
Ms L Surani – l.surani.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr L Taylor – l.taylor.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss K Thomas – k.thomas.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Thuku - j.thuku.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Warder - j.warder.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs T Warren - t.warren.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs N Whitehead - n.whitehead.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs B Whitwell - b.whitwell.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss R Wickes - r.wickes.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs M Wilson - m.wilson.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss L Woodcock - l.woodcock.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr C Yeomans - c.yeomans.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Yeomans - j.yeomans.scs@stcleres.coop

Classroom Staff

Mrs D Ainscough – d.ainscough.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs T Allen – t.allen.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs L Apperley – l.apperley.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs P Appleton – p.appleton.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss N Appleton – n.appleton.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Ashdown – j.ashdown.scs@stcleres.coop
Ms A Banjo – a.banjo.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs K Bannister – k.bannister.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs E Brown – e.brown.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss A Bocking – a.bocking.scs@stcleres.coop 
Mrs S Christian – s.christian.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss R Clarke – r.clarke.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Connor – s.connor.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs S Doghan – s.doghan.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs L Gibbon – l.gibbon.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr L Gill – l.gill.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr R Green – r.green.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr S Green – s.green.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss C Griffin – c.griffin.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr M Griffiths – m.griffiths.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss N Harragan – n.harragan.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs D Harrod – d.harrod.scs@stcleres.coop    
Mrs C Hicks – c.hicks.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Hole – s.hole.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A Hole – a.hole.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs D Jones – d.jones.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs L Knight – l.knight.scs@stcleres.coop
Mr P Newbury – p.newbury.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss L Nichol – l.nichol.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs C Nicholls – c.nicholls.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs A O'Dowd – a.odowd.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs L Otley – l.otley.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs D Peetoom – d.peetoom.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs M Raif – m.raif.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss S Rowe – s.rowe.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Sanford – j.sanford.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss R Sheill – r.sheill.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs J Simia – j.simia.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs N Spratt – n.spratt.scs@stcleres.coop
Mrs N Stannard – n.stannard.scs@stcleres.coop
Miss E Warren – e.warren.scs@stcleres.coop

Key Admin Staff

General Enquiries:  office.scs@stcleres.coop
Finance Departmentfinance.scs@stcleres.coop
Pupil Services: Ms C Harrison –  c.harrison.scs@stcleres.coop
Admissions: Mrs D Smith –  d.smith.scs@stcleres.coop
Website: Mrs S Woodley –  s.woodley.scs@stcleres.coop
Head Teacher’s PA: Ms D Brown – d.brown.scs@stcleres.coop