Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Jack petchey logo 2The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards are part of a foundation set up by the Plaistow-born millionaire and philanthropist, Sir Jack Petchey.  

The scheme is all about rewarding, recognising and celebrating the achievements of young people. Each month pupils are nominated for academic or sporting achievement, charity work, community work, etc.  A pupil working party considers all the nominations and decide on the winner.

Winners receive a certificate, a medal and an invitation to one of the foundation's glitzy Achievement Awards Celebrations. They also get to nominate a department or departments who they want to receive the £250 grant and then meet with the Head of Department to discuss what it is spent on.

Here are our winners for this year:

Success Popoola Jun 18June 2018

Success Popoola (10G1) has 391 rewards points and zero behaviour points and won the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ Challenge regional final.

Success is also a member of the Thurrock Youth Council, where she takes her role seriously and ensures that she acts as a vehicle for change whilst democratically representing the views of pupils at our school.

May 2018

Jessica Ingram May 18Jessica Ingram has many qualities which she is developing to the fullest extent. She is her Forms’ School Council representative and has been part of a working party to review school policies such as the behaviour and anti-bullying policies. She has 100% attendance and zero behaviour points.

In sport Jess is playing rugby for Essex and helped St Clere’s to finish third in the South of England championship. Furthermore, she is competing this weekend in the Essex Schools’ Athletics Championships in Discus.

April 2018

Sean Corrigan Apr 18Sean Corrigan has been playing the Clarinet since primary school and is currently working on grade 6 material. (There are only 8 in total, so this is extremely high).

He has performed at the school Christmas Concert since starting school in year 7 and also plays at open evenings and formal occasions for the school. Sean is so talented that he was asked to play alongside professional musicians for the school musical of Bugsy Malone staged at the Thameside Theatre. The band is usually made up of only professionals but Sean was talented enough to play with them.

Sean is also taking the traditional GCSE Music Course in his own time and he is doing an extra Maths, GCSE Statistics, after school as well.

Alongside his activities in school he also plays with the Thurrock Music Services in a jazz band, orchestra and ensemble.

March 2018

Hannah Luke Mar 2018 jack petchey winnerHannah Luke is a volunteer in the Stanford le Hope and surrounding area fundraising team. Since joining the group she has raised over £32,000. Her activities include bag packing in supermarkets (approximately 50 days in total), quiz nights, discos, car washes and, following the annual appeal for Christmas presents, wrapping each present individually. Last year over 8,000 presents were given out to people in hospitals, refuges and to elderly residents in care homes.

Hannah was also nominated for the ‘Young Fundraiser of the Year’ in the Festival Leisure Park Community Awards, where she reached the final and finished in second place.

February 2018

Sharafat Safi is currently a Year 10 student who has overcome some very challenging personal issues with a high degree of integrity and determination.

His attendance is excellent, currently 100% and he has always been a positive example to other pupils in terms of his behaviour and standard of uniform around school. He has zero behaviour points.

Sharafat arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in year 7 and did not speak a word of English. He is now in year 9 taking his options and working incredibly hard to make progress. He also throws himself (literally) into Rugby as an extra-curricular activity and now represents our school helping the team to reach the final of the Essex Cup which is due to be played in the summer term.

January 2018

Maddison Ball Jan 2018 jack petchey winnerMaddison Ball is currently in Year 10 and has maintained an immaculate behaviour record throughout her time at this school. She is a model pupil in the way she behaves and acts within the school.

Maddison also competes in Karate at a very high standard, whilst maintaining her high academic ability. She demonstrates excellent perseverance, time management and her conscientious approach has allowed her to continue to make good progress in all her subjects. Maddison manages to maintain all of this despite her commitments and dedication to Karate.

In this sport her achievements this year are:

  • IKGA World Championships: bronze in Team.
  • Sewaki International Championships: silver in Kata and bronze in Fighting.
  • English Championships: bronze in Kata and bronze in Fighting.

November 2017

Molly Ballard Nov 2017 jack petchey winnerMolly Ballard was recently selected as part of the Essex County U18 rugby squad. Not only was she selected, she was picked to start at number 12 which, given she is only just eligible to play in this age group, is a wonderful achievement.

She made her debut with the team at their first game last Sunday and the girls won convincingly against Buckinghamshire 76-25.  Molly gave an excellent account of   herself throughout the match and narrowly missed scoring a try. She has only been     playing Rugby for approximately 2 years and it goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of her brilliant achievements, hard work and dedication to this sport.

October 2017

Abbie Wright Oct 2017 jack petchey winnerAbbie Wright has been an excellent example of a model pupil, who always strives to become the best that she can possibly be. Abbie is part of the Peer Mentoring team, which enables her to support the progress of different pupils whilst attempting to improve the school life/behaviour of other students.

Within the last academic year Abbie achieved 374 Vivo rewards for various achievements including; outstanding attainment, outstanding effort, helping others and attendance, which was 100%. This sits alongside her behaviour points, where she scored zero negative points, which once again is an excellent achievement.

By looking at her yearly report, it is clear that all her subject staff feel exactly the same, as she achieved effort 1 across the board when regarding class effort, home learning effort and behaviour. Abbie is an ideal winner for this prestigious award.

September 2017

Jack Busby Sep 2017 jack petchey winnerJack Busby had two separate nominations for a Jack Petchey award. He is chairperson of our School Council, he has zero behaviour points and 100% attendance.

Furthermore his subject staff have been amazed by his hard-working and academic attitude. Jack does all that he can to help other pupils, for example giving his lunchtimes over the last three years to help younger students with their German home learning.

He has also helped new students joining the school to catch up on work that they have missed. Jack also worked closely with the pastoral team and received training to mentor younger students. He is a conscientious and caring student and fully deserves this recognition.

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