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Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr J Solis - j.solis.scs@stcleres.coop

Business Studies offers students an understanding of the key areas of business, from marketing to human resources and from finance to production. Students will be able to discuss what is happening in the economy today, for example the impact that changes in interest rates or unemployment levels have on businesses and workers.

Business Studies is not taught at Key Stage 3 but is available as an option to study at Key Stage 4.

Year 11 Course Title: GCSE Business Studies

Exam Board & Code: OCR J253  Full GCSE Course Specification (PDF)


Paper 1 - 25% (60 marks) - 1 hour written paper

Paper 2 - 50% (90 marks) - 1 hour 30 min written paper

Controlled Assessment - 25% (90 marks) - Approximately 16 hours

GCSE Course Study Breakdown (Key Stage 4)

Term 1:
Types of business activity; Stakeholders, growth and location factors; business types, e.g. sole traders, plc’s etc
Term 2:
Employment and retention; motivation; training; employment law and Trades Unions; organisation and communication
Term 3:
Controlled Assessment

Year 11

Term 1:
Controlled Assessment
Term 2:
Production and finance
Term 3:
External Environment of Business