Head Girl, Head Boy and Prefects

Pupils apply for the positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, Senior Prefects and prefect during Year 10 and take up their roles at Easter, leaving the current Year 11 free to concentrate on their exams.

The process begins with a letter of application followed by a speech, team-building and problem-solving activities and then into a final interview process with the Head Teacher and two School Governors (normally including the Chair of the Governors).

The procedure is a thorough one which enables the cream to rise to the top, giving pupils the opportunity to show their full capabilities and suitability for such a sought-after position. From these final interviews, the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected, along with the Deputy Head Boy and Girl and the first cohort of Senior Prefects.

Pupils can apply for Prefect and Senior Prefect through their Head of Year. Their behaviour, attendance and all-round character is checked prior to selection. Some may be may be chosen to be Senior Prefects due to their exemplary record and their ability to go beyond what is expected throughout their time at St Clere's.

Prefects can apply to be Senior Prefects once in position if they feel they have given excellent service as a Prefect and have gone beyond the expectations of the position they hold. Senior Prefects are assigned to teachers, who they visit on a daily basis to offer their help and skills as responsible young adults. 

All of these positions require excellent behaviour and attendance as well as a mature attitude towards school and life as a whole. Pupils who show great improvement can be awarded the position of Prefect, as dedication, maturity and a desire to improve are highly valued skills.

All of these positions are treated with respect among staff and pupils alike and every year there are a great number of applicants.

All Prefects wear the grey Prefect tie as part of their uniform; Senior Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl also wear a grey blazer and black trousers or skirt.       

Head Boy: Henri Willett                                          Head Girl: Harriet Kemp
Deputy Head Boy: Alex Newton                             Deputy Head Girl: Scarlet Farenden-Hart
Deputy Head Boy: Ethan Webber                           Deputy Head Girl: Lucy Green       

Senior Prefects:
Amelia Clark
Callum Ellis
Nicky Bowden
Ella-Louise Kilsby