Coronavirus - Free School Meals Provision

The school has considered a variety of models to provide for your child(ren) if they receive free school meals during the school closure. Each model provides a varying level of complexity. To that extent we feel the best way to support those children who receive free school meals at this time is to make a direct cash payment of £25.00 per child per school week.  We have decided to send the money direct to you so that you as parents/carers can decide how this money is best spent, ensuring the aims of the free school meals initiative are upheld.

Therefore, if you wish to receive this payment we need to hear from you as soon as possible. If you have more than one child, please state this in you reply email. Please send the details below to

Please reply to the said email with the following information:

Name of child(ren):

Date(s) of birth:

Bank name:

Sort code:

Account number:

Name on bank account: 

This scheme is a temporary measure as the Government are working on a national approach to provide support at this challenging time; we will update you accordingly.

Please direct any queries to: 

Mr J Purkiss

Deputy Head Teacher