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Posted on: 27/09/2018

Yr 8 Rookie Racers raise case for charity!

Some of our year 8 students have raised an incredible £800 by braving Nuclear Races’ mud-scrambling, tyre-climbing, rope-walking, water-chuting Rookie Obstacle Course in Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood.

They raised the money for charity JDRF, who fund research into a cure for type one diabetes. The disease claimed the life of their friend Sam Meads in 2015, whilst he was a pupil at East Tilbury Primary School and the friends ran the course as a tribute to him.

Raising that much money is an amazing achievement and a fitting tribute to Sam - very well done to Ashton Byrne, Alfie Rawe, Tyler Rawe, Jamie Snazel, Louis Baker, Maison Carpenter-Prout, Reece Barnett, Lewis Driver, Billy Baker, Grace Saunders, along with friends Jack Warren and Teddy Rawe.

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