Further Education

Finishing school can be a very daunting prospect, but here at St. Clere's we provide excellent careers support and guidance to all of our pupils. Whether they wish to move onto an apprenticeship, College or a sixth form we will provide them with guidance and support as they move forward into further education. We have a careers advisor that comes into the school to speak with and advise our pupils of what their next steps in life could be.


St. Clere’s School does not currently have it's own Sixth Form, but we aspire to establish our own Sixth form in the not too distant future.


We have always worked very closely with a number of the other Colleges and sixth forms in the area, and a number of our teachers have even taught lessons part time in some of them. We also work very closely with Brentwood County High sixth form. As Brentwood is part of of the Osborne Cooperative Academy Trust we have very strong links with them and continue to work together to support students as they move into further education. Some of our students do go onto to attend Brentwood County High's sixth form as a way of continuing their education within the trust.



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