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The opening of our brand new Osborne Sixth Form annex at St Clere’s School has been a very exciting opportunity for young people in the local area. We have highly skilled and qualified teachers who have experience in teaching post 16 at St Clere’s Campus. The Osborne vision of all through education providing young people with excellent opportunities to pursue degree pathways and careers of their choice in a wide range of areas, is at the heart of this new sixth form. Our co-operative values underpin our keystage 5 leadership, as they do in other keystages. Sixth Form Facilities at St Clere’s Campus further enhance the current high quality provision at Brentwood High School, now to be called Osborne Sixth Form. Applications are welcome from external applicants as well as St Clere’s students.


Facilities at St Clere’s School include a specific sixth form common area with study and seminar spaces as well as a social / community area.


Our partnership with the BCHS provision provides high quality expertise and enables personalised pathways with a particularly wide range of A Level and Btec Courses. With innovative timetabling, this ensures there is an offer suitable for all career aspirations. Courses are offered at both campuses and applicants must specify at which campus they wish to study.





St Clere’s School was the founding member of the Osborne Trust and is now the lead secondary school. Our partnership with other schools has developed many opportunities for our students and September 2021 was a milestone year with the official opening of our new Osborne Sixth Form Centre at St Clere’s School. The sixth form centre is an annex to the existing Brentwood County High (BCHS) 11 to 19 provision and will provide excellent opportunities for young people in the local area who wish to join the Osborne Sixth Form.


Our past and future in perfect synergy 

At St Clere’s, we are proud to have a history of superb results and successful pupil career destinations as a testimony to our success. The BCHS sixth form has a strong track record of high student achievement with many students moving on to prestigious universities and work based training. However, being partners in the Osborne Trust means we are still constantly striving for improvements in our facilities, education, care and impact. We are also responding to a growing number of Thurrock students who wish to study in The Osborne Sixth Form provision, based in the local area.

As a high achieving Trust, we believe in moulding together traditional and emerging, digital learning. This will prepare young people for an exciting, self- driven, future underpinned by strong morals.


Why did we need a new Sixth Form annex at St Clere’s School? 

We have worked alongside other Sixth Form providers for several years now to deliver high quality courses and teaching across many subject areas.  Our growing partnership with Brentwood County High School has met some of the demand for further education but there is clearly a growing demand for more local opportunities with high quality teaching beyond year 11. This development has enabled St Clere’s School to further enhance opportunities for young people in the local Thurrock area. We have provided additional A Level and BTEC pathways for year 12 and year 13 students from both St Clere’s school and external applicants.


What’s included in this new St Clere’s Sixth Form centre? 

Naturally, we were keen to make sure the Osborne sixth form annex at St Clere’s School meets the specific needs of 17 to 18-year-olds. New facilities have been carefully designed to offer older students the best possible levels of privacy, comfort and enjoyment. The Common room at St Clere’s School consists of an extensive, bespoke study area and seminar break out space as well as a student common room area for relaxation and private study. This new area offers self-managed areas where older students can mingle with friends, as well as kitchen and coffee bar facilities for them to fuel up for their studies. It is an excellent additional space for Sixth Form students, only, and is an addition to a separate Sixth Form classroom area within the main school.

Our ethos is to provide all students – especially Sixth Formers – with opportunities to develop a sense of self and responsibility. Time outside lessons offers a degree of freedom. However, there are staff on hand to oversee aspects of life in the new Sixth Form centre. The Assistant headteacher with responsibility of sixth form at St Clere’s School have an office which overlooks the new centre.


Choosing the best Sixth Form experience for you 

Years 11 and 12 in secondary education need to offer the right teaching support to equip young people thoroughly for university or the workplace. High quality Sixth Forms need to offer opportunities to develop personal confidence and resilience for example, as well as interpersonal and communication skills. The courses we offer are the results of sound research in which we gathered views and needs of Thurrock families. We will continue to listen to stakeholders as we develop further courses for the future.


Programme of improvements 

Providing Sixth Form students with purpose-designed study and social facilities is the latest in a series of substantial investments in St Clere’s School. In the past year, we have improved our sports, fitness and Science environments as well as our teaching spaces and developing library space.

It is exciting to contemplate what’s next for the school! You can be assured, it will involve constantly strengthening and expanding our capacity to build strong, resilient, resourceful and academically awakened students who will flourish!

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Students currently at Brentwood County High School or St Clere's School click here to apply.

Students currently at any other school click here to apply.

Courses and Information

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BTEC SCI single Btec sci double black Biology Chemistry PHYSICS 

Accounting Business Studies Criminology Economics Law Politics Travel & Tourism 

Art Drama Film Studies Media Studies

Computer Science BTEC Computing BTEC ICT

English lit English lang lit French German 

Further maths Maths


Sociology Psychology 

History Geography

Health social Pe Btech sport single Btech sport double Football academy Netball academy West ham





Sixth Form Life

Student Leadership

Being a part of Osborne Sixth Form opens up many opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills such as Subject Ambassadors, House Captains, Senior Prefects and the prestigious roles of Head Students.

It's an honour to represent our student body to create the school we want and not the school that the teachers think we want”  - Senior prefect Team

Subject Ambassadors


"Being a Subject Ambassador means I have been recognised as an expert in my subject and have the opportunity to inspire students in lower school”

Subject Ambassador for Maths

“I have developed my public speaking and presentation skills while carrying out my Subject Ambassador role."

Subject Ambassador for Sociology



It is crucially important to us that students experience new things and are given opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise get. All sixth form students will have the privilege of attending our  enrichment programme which will also provide an opportunitiy to hear outside speakers in many subject areas.  Our speakers can include specialists in Animal Rights, Student Finance, survival experts and many more! Students will be able to enjoy the talks and may start to deliver short sections of the talks themselves.  

All students will have the opportunity to take part in a community responsibility. This might involve planning events, supporting younger students with their reading, mentoring nervous year 11s with their exam preparation, working in the school stationery shop and many more. Students are given new opportunities every term to ensure they receive a breadth of experience to give them a head start with UCAS/employment applications for life post Osborne.

Careers & Guidance

Our students are constantly challenged to raise their aspirations and 'aim high'. Links with partner universities and work bases will allow many of our students to experience further education and university first hand and realise that both are viable options. With students now required to stay in education or training until they are 18, it is now more important than ever that students know what choices are available to them, how to access the information they need and that they know what their options are post-16 so that they can progress further and be the best they can be.

Thurrock Careers is an impartial and free information, advice and guidance service for everyone between the ages of 13 and 20. They can offer advice re careers, further education, higher education, also on volunteering, health, relationships, family, friends and money. individual careers interviews can be quickly booked. Parents are also welcome to attend the careers interview with their son/daughter.

Careers interviews with the Thurrock Careers Adviser can be arranged at any time. If you wish to arrange an interview you can do so via the careers coordinator –

Ms J Mead (Careers Lead), St Clere's School.


Sixth Form students are expected to maintain a smart, professional appearance appropriate to their specialisms. Consider carefully the neckline, length and transparency of material. All Sixth Form students will be provided with an ID badge which MUST be worn at all times.

Standards of dress and personal presentation are relevant to all students.  In general, standards of dress should be smart, fit for purpose and portray a favourable impression of the Sixth Form.



Outdoor wear:

Jackets and outdoor clothing must be removed during lessons.

Gloves and hats should be removed once on the school premises.

No hoodies, denim, fur or leather jackets of any style at any time.

No trainers may be worn at any time.


No extremes of fashion (style or colours).  No shapes or markings cut into hair or eyebrows.


No facial or visible body piercings except earlobes.

Earrings should be discreet with no more than two discreet piercings per ear.

No visible tattoos.

Osborne Sixth Form reserves the right to act as the final authority in the interpretation of the dress code.  If unsure, students/parents are advised to contact the Pastoral Managers before purchasing an item or considering a change in hairstyle or colour, piercings or tattoos etc.


Contact Information

Email - sixthform.scs@osborne.coop

Telephone - Ms C Shaughnessy 01375 641001


Sixth Form Date  
Accounting A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Art A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Biology A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Business A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Business BTEC final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Chemistry A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Computer Science A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Computing BTEC final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Construction BTEC final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Criminology Diploma final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Drama A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Economics A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
English Language and Literature A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
English Literature A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Film Studies A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Further Maths A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Geography A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
German A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Health and Social Care BTEC final 05th Nov 2020 Download
History A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
IT BTEC final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Law A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Maths A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
PE A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Physics A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Media Studies A Level final 05th Nov 2020 Download
Prospectus Osborne Sixth Form 2021-22 05th Nov 2020 Download
Applied Science Double BTEC 06th Nov 2020 Download
Applied Science Single BTEC 06th Nov 2020 Download
Sport BTEC Double final 06th Nov 2020 Download
Politics A Level 06th Nov 2020 Download
Psychology A Level final 1 06th Nov 2020 Download
Sociology A Level final 06th Nov 2020 Download
Sport BTEC Double final 06th Nov 2020 Download
Sport BTEC Single final 06th Nov 2020 Download
Travel and Tourism BTEC final 06th Nov 2020 Download
West Ham at BCHS 06th Nov 2020 Download
French A Level 09th Nov 2020 Download
Prospectus Osborne Sixth Form late 2021 update 15th Oct 2021 Download

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