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Posted on: 17/12/2019

Can collection Challenge

The Head of Brandon House organised can collecting challenge with the Year 7 forms to collect food for the Thurrock Food Bank this Christmas. Below is a picture of the winning forms. The students have been brilliant with this challenge and I am very proud of their enthusiasm and generosity.

Overall, the Year 7 pupils have collected 343 cans of food, plus some other bags of rice and pasta for local people in need. Miss Cox is very proud of them and gave out Maltesers, Heroes and a trophy in their last assembly.

Dr Gillan's form (7C1) were the winners of the kindness trophy as they collected an amazing 138 cans of food. Miss Cox's (7B1) came in second place with 108 cans, and Miss Sands' form (7C2) came in third place with 85 cans. All of the forms that participated were fantastic and they have helped so many people this Christmas. 



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