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Year 7 Parent Consultation Meetings

Teacher consultation meetings for parents/carers of year 7 pupils will be held on Wednesday 2nd December for pupils in Brandon and Conrad houses and Wednesday 16th December for pupils in Gordon and Wallace houses. This event will take place using Microsoft Teams from 3.15pm to 4.30pm and an online booking system is in place.  The booking system will close for Brandon and Conrad pupils on Tuesday 1st December at 9.00am and for Gordon and Wallace pupils on Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 9.00am. Once closed, teachers will book appointments on Teams by inviting the pupil using their school email address.  On the day of the appointments, you will need to log into RM Unify using your child's email address ([username] and password. Select the Teams tile from the home page. If requested to log in again the details are identical to that used to access RM Unify. Once in Teams, select the calendar on the left hand side where you will find the appointments with staff. You can click on the booking and select join. Please note appointments will automatically end after five minutes. Where additional time is required, an appointment outside of these designated afternoons can be arranged directly with the teacher. Some members of staff teach large numbers of children in year 7 and it may not be possible for them to see the parents/carers of every child in their teaching groups during the two afternoons. Please contact the teacher directly if it has not been possible to book an appointment and they will arrange to make contact with you outside of the consultation appointments. All staff emails can be found on the school website.