Science and Sports Specialisms

Being a Science College

As the only school with a Science Specialism in Thurrock we have the opportunity to develop our students thinking skills to create not just scientists for the 21st Century, but young adults who are scientifically literate. Science surrounds us and we want students to be engaged, inquisitive and able to tackle any science they meet as they play their role in society. The recognition of our high quality science teaching has enabled us to promote our students engagement with science in an increasingly changing world. 

Our commitment to science can be seen through our excellent and improving science results. It can also be seen through the partnership work we are doing with our feeder primary schools, our local community, other secondary schools and Stanford & Corringham Sixth Form College. 

We collaborate with other schools in our Co-operative Trust, including the use of our Environmental Science Resource Centre. We arrange regular visits and competitions and this has allowed our students to develop cross curricular skills. We are part of STEMNET and STEM Ambassadors so “real people” can share “real science” with our students.  We have links with the National Schools Observatory and the Liverpool telescope on La Palma, Canary Islands. In partnership with the Mathematics department students are given the opportunity to visit the Space Camp located at the Marshall Space Centre in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. 

Our vision is clear; we want the science college to facilitate engaging science for all people of all ages lead by our capable students.  We will continue to strive to find new experiences and prepare our community for the challenges of science in the 21st Century.

Being a Sports College

The Sports Specialism is part of how we live and learn here at St Clere’s School and continues to grow year on year through schemes such as the PE Department’s Gifted and Talented programme, international sports tours and team successes. In addition, our extensive inter-house competitions ensure that all students regularly take part and this is something of which we are very proud.

The Physical Education Department support, contribute and complement the aims of the school through co-operative values, examination results and whole school development. The department is fully inclusive and provides a range of opportunities for students to participate in and achieve. St Clere's continues to embrace sport in all aspects to ensure that all students lead a healthy and active lifestyle, gaining the life skills which sport provides. The curriculum has been adapted to allow for all students to achieve and to be challenged appropriately through outstanding teaching.

Our aim is to continue to develop as a centre of excellence in sport

  • Provide high quality PE to all St Clere’s students
  • Ensure all our students have clear career pathways open to them in PE
  • Support the whole school in its drive to improve achievement and attainment
  • To work with local partner schools to ensure high quality provision in PE and sport
  • To work with the local community to meet their needs through sports projects, promote community cohesion and establish links with local businesses and other voluntary organisations such as sports clubs
  • To achieve local and national recognition for the development of the student Sports leadership model across the whole school and our work with the community

We specifically aim to raise standards of health and fitness, to develop student leadership and responsibility and to offer special opportunities in sport.

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