Vivo Rewards Explained

At St Clere's we use 'Vivo Miles', a rewards system especially designed to support student recognition, increase student engagement and drive positive learning outcomes.

Students are rewarded Vivos for exceptional work or behaviour, contribution to class, attendance, punctuality, involvement in extracurricular activities, community work, participation in sport, etc.  

The Vivos are added to their individual online account, where they can login and spend them on a variety of exciting products from our online shop, or save them to get a more expensive item later on.  This receive/spend/save cycle is a great vehicle for teaching pupils about personal finance.  Parents/carers also have a login facility so that they can keep any eye on things.

Products available to the students range from 50 Vivos for Match Attax trading cards, right up to 3,999 Vivos for Sony PlayStation Plus membership or a Bluetooth headset, with a very wide selection of items in between.

For more information on Vivo Rewards, please contact Mr Lloyd on 01375 641001 extension 224, or email him at

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