Head of Department: Mr N Saxton (Head of Faculty) -

Spanish is currently taught in Year 11 only. There are currently no plans to teach this subject to other Year Groups

Year 11 Course Title: GCSE Spanish
Exam board  & Code: Edexcel 2SP01


Listening: Written  Examination – 25%
Speaking: Oral Assessment – 25%
Reading: Written Examination – 25%
Writing: Written  Examination – 25%

GCSE Course Study Breakdown (Year 11)

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE specification and work from the Edexcel GCSE course book. They complete 2 writing and two speaking controlled assessments during the year and cover the following topics:

Term 1: Work and work experience, future plans, Controlled Assessments
Term 2: Food & Drink, sport, health & fitness, Controlled Assessments
Term 3: Examination practice for the Listening and Reading Examinations

Other Teachers of Spanish

Mrs s Benson –