Wallace House

Mr A Salmon

Mr Salmon

Wallace House’s designated House colour is Yellow, this can be seen in the school ties, in the  PE kit and the Main Hall, where House-colour themed paintings are displayed.

Head of Wallace House is Mr Salmon.

House Captains:

Sports Captains:

If you have any ideas for House events, please see Mr Salmon or your House Captains.


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Alfred Russel Wallace

Wallace House was named after Alfred Russel Wallace, OM, FRS (1823–1913).  Wallace travelled the world discovering new species of plant and animal life, but was best known for proposing a Theory of Evolution due to Natural Selection  and sending it to Charles Darwin which prompted the Darwin to publish his own theory.  At that time, Wallace was a world-famous scientist, more famous than Darwin, although these days we hear more about the latter.  Wallace does have a website dedicated to remedying this: The Wallace Fund, which contains a wealth of information on him and his contributions not only to biology, but also Land Reform, Glaciology, Anthropology, Ethnography, Epidemiology, and Astrobiology.  A busy man indeed!

In 1872 Wallace built a house called ‘The Dell’ in Grays (now 25 College Avenue), one of the first in the country to be build out of concrete.  He lived there with his family from 1872 – 1876.