Gordon House


Gordon PaintingGordon House’s designated colour is red.

Head of Gordon: Mrs Fayers

Head of Gordon: Mrs Fayers







Head of Gordon: Mrs Fayers

"Another victorious year for the mighty Gordon dragons! 

Winning the annual Sports Day and Swimming Gala, as well as various academic achievements and charity events has once again seen us lift the overall House Championship trophy, much to my delight!

We are now overall champions four years running - and we are aiming to make it five!"

If you have any ideas for charity events or ways to improve our House further please contact the House captains or Mrs Fayers.

We will be holding our annual bake sale to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday 29th September.

House Captains
Harriet Kemp, Danya Smith, Joe Oughton and Alex Newton

Charity Captains

Abbie Jones, Lauren Morgan, Josh Ogunjobi and Mason Nunn

Sports Captain
Olivia Jackson

House Events 

Our Annual and extremely popular Macmillan coffee morning takes place on Friday 29th September 2017 and hope to raise a good donation for our House Charity.

We are back to our winning ways, winning the Swimming gala, sports day, attendance and, of course, the over-all sport trophy which led to us winning the over-all house championship!

The red dragons mean business and will fight to hold on to their title!


Gordon Charles GordonGordon House is named after General Charles Gordon (1833-1885). Gordon became a National Hero for his exploits in China and his ill-fated defence of Khartoum against Sudanese rebels.  During a home posting in 1865, he was Commandant in charge of renovating the Lower Thames Forts in Tilbury and Gravesend.