Conrad House

Conrad PaintingConrad House’s designated House colour is Green, this can be seen in the school ties, in the PE kit and the Main Hall, where House-colour themed paintings are displayed.

Conrad Miss E MacGregor

Head of Conrad House is Miss MacGregor

Head of Conrad House is Miss MacGregor

After a long time without victory,  Conrad are hoping for success this year in all aspects of the house championship.

With the new crocodile mascot and eager house captains, we hope to bite back at the competition and become the overall winners of this year’s championship!

House Captains:

Megan Dyer, Thomas Harvey, Bailey James

Sports Captains:

Emma Gray, Asa Gregory

Charity Captains:

Daniesha Curtin, Charlotte Joy

The History of Conrad House

Conrad Joseph Conrad 2Conrad House was named after Joseph Conrad (3.12.1857 – 3.8.1924), a world-famous novelist who lived for some time in Stanford in the late 19thCentury. He wrote stories and novels, predominantly with a nautical setting and used the River Thames and foreshore as the locality of ‘Nellie’ in his famous novel, “Heart of Darkness”.  Read more about Conrad and an excerpt from ‘Heart of Darkness’ by clicking on his picture (right).