TEAMS - From Home Guide

Getting onto Teams from home

  1. Log into RM Unify using your school email address ([username] and password.
  2. Click on the Teams tile. (It may ask for your email address again, especially the first time you log in)


Using Teams from home

See from 0:36 in this helpful video for a tutorial on some of the basic Teams functionality and see other videos labelled below.

'Uploading work to Teams via a computer' video:


'Uploading work to Teams via your phone' video:



Teams home learning protocol

Ensure the camera of the device being used is turned off before you join a lesson. This will remain off for the entire lesson.

Ensure the mic is turned off before you join a meeting. You may be asked to turn it on by the teacher during the lesson to ask a question.

Do not send any messages unless it is related to the lesson. Do not message excessively as you will not be the only one in the lesson.

Do not share your screen or any files unless the teacher instructs you to do so.

Do not share any links in the chat or posts section.