Summer 2020 - Predicted Grades for Y11 Pupils

Predicted Grades for Y11 Pupils – Summer 2020


On 18th March 2020, the Secretary of State for Education announced that the summer 2020 GCSE exam series would be cancelled (in order to help fight the spread of the coronavirus) and that students due to sit the exams would be awarded a grade, based on an assessment of the grade they would have been most likely to achieve had exams gone ahead.

Schools have been directed to use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe a student would have achieved had they sat their exams this year. Therefore in order to ensure all pupils have had realistic and fair grades submitted, the highly experienced teachers at St Clere’s have taken into account a full range of evidence - including non-exam assessment; class work; results of any homework assignments or mock exams; and any other records of student performance over the course of study. These predicted grades have then been checked by all Head of Departments and then further scrutinised by the Senior Leadership Team and the Head Teacher.  As well as a grade for each student, teachers have also had to provide a rank order of students within each grade in a subject. This is because the statistical standardisation process, once submitted to each exam board, will need more granular information than the grade alone.  The grades and ranking were all successfully submitted during the examination window which closed on Friday 12th June 2020.

Ofqual have stated that results will be released on the published results day as originally planned; Thursday 20 August 2020.  On this day, pupils will be able to collect their results from school in person at specific individual times or they can provide the school with an email address and an electronic copy will be sent out.  A letter from the Head Teacher, with further details will be sent via post and email 1st July. On the results certificates, grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years and the grades awarded to students will have equal status to those awarded in other years and should be treated in this way by universities, colleges and employers.

In line with the direction given to us by the Secretary of State for Education, appeals will only be allowed in cases where a centre believes it has made an error when submitting its information; or similarly, if the centre believes an exam board made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade. Students will not be able to appeal against their school centre assessment grades and position in the rank order. Students who feel that their grades from the summer do not reflect their ability will have the opportunity to take their exams in the autumn series or in summer 2021. If they choose to do this, students will be able to use the higher of the two grades for future progression.

For the full Ofqual details given to schools, colleges, students, parents & carers on how GCSEs will be awarded following the cancellation of this year's exams, please follow the link below:


If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs K Enever, St Clere’s Exam Officer. or 01375 641001 ext 251