School Closure - Working from home resources for pupils

Teams Image

In the event of a partial or full school closure we are planning to continue to educate our pupils using a virtual learning platform built into Office 365 called TEAMs. TEAMs enables tutors to communicate with pupils over the internet. It works best on a laptop or desktop PC, phones are compatible once the TEAMs app has been downloaded and installed from the Play Store(Android) or App Store(Apple).  

Pupils have already been shown how to use the platform in school. If they cannot remember please follow the steps below:

  1. Login into office 365 email using RM unify.
  2. Click on the 9 dots located in the top left hand corner.
  3. Click on TEAMs from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on calendar to bring up a timetable of allocated lessons.
  5. Click join at the time of the lesson.

Below is the link to show students how teams works for pupils. Closed captions can be enabled for any HI students. 

Video tutorial for pupils

If your child fails to comply with any of the rules stated below they may be remove from their teaching group.

Teams home learning protocol:

Ensure the camera of the device being used is turned off before you join a lesson. This will remain off for the entire lesson.

Ensure the mic is turned off before you join a meeting. You may be asked to turn it on by the teacher during the lesson to ask a question.

Do not send any messages unless it is related to the lesson. Do not message excessively as you will not be the only one in the lesson.

Do not share your screen or any files unless the teacher instructs you to do so.

Do not share any links in the chat or posts section.

There may not be a live lesson for every period on your child's timetable however teachers will upload a variety of resources for their groups in TEAMs. Pupils will need to check the files and posts section on TEAMs daily to ensure they do not miss any work.