Years 7-10 Exam Week 11th - 15th December

Student Information: Exam Week 11th – 15th December 2017 (Year 7 to 10)

The school timetable will be collapsed for the whole week and usual lessons will not run. The session times and timetable can be found below.  Please note that on Monday 11th December, school finishes at the usual time of 3.50pm

  • Students should go to Form as usual to register.
  • Students who are late to school should go to Mrs Duligall to get their mark and then straight to their exam room.
  • Students must bring their equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator and geometry set) for their exams.
  • Year 7-10 students will be told which classroom they will do their exams in and they will remain there for the whole week.
  • If an exam is shorter than the session, students will be able to revise in silence before an exam therefore need to bring subject revision materials with them.
  • Year 10 students will only sit their Maths and English exams in the Main Hall or Gym, the rest will be in classrooms.
  • Revision sessions will be done in the exam room in silence. Students should ensure they bring revision materials with them as they will NOT be able to leave the exam room for any reason.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off as they are not allowed in exam rooms.
  • The school buses will run at the usual times.

Exam Session times:

Registration  08.30 - 08.45    
Session 1      08.45 - 10.45    2 hours
Break           10.45 - 11.05    
Session 2      11.05 - 13.05    2 hours
Lunch           13.05 - 13.45    
Session 3      13.45 - 14.50    1 hour 5 mins
P6                14.50 - 15.50 (Monday 11th only)


Exam Week Timetable for Years 7 - 10 (PDF)
Years 9 and 10 Option A and Option B timetable