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Posted on: 21/02/2018

Louee to compete for Ju-Jitsu Team GB

Over the last year Louee has continued his hard work within Ju-Jitsu in both his syllabus/grading system and his competition system and Louee’s commitment to the sport and our club is second to none. His continued commitment and hard work has allowed Louee to progress to the current grade of Brown Belt and with his upcoming March grading he will hopefully progress to the next grade of Brown 2nd tag, which sets him up to do his Black Belt grading in 2019. With his current training at 4 times per week, there is no doubt that Louee will not only achieve these grades but much more.

Last year Louee was part of the Wakarishin 2017 Squad Team, and as a result of this he was invited to compete at the British National Championships in April. This was Louee’s first major competition and he did really well and made all of his team mates proud; I am very proud to say that once again Louee has been invited to be part of the Wakarishin 2018 Squad Team.

Louee has not only been invited to attend the British National Championships this year, he has also been given the chance to compete as part of Team GB in the World Championships, which will be held in Gibraltar. This is a massive achievement as he will be representing his country in the World Championships for Ju-Jitsu. I am very honoured to have Louee as one of my students and as one of my team mates and I look forward to competing alongside him this year.

Louee’s achievements over the past few years show that he is a very dedicated and enthusiastic individual and he really is a credit to himself. Once again I cannot say how much Louee has impressed me with his development, not just in the sport but as a young man too and it makes me proud to have him as one of our team members.


Katherine Cooke Bsc (Hons), 3rd Dan

Wakarishin Squad Captain