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Posted on: 19/01/2018

Kooth - online help for young people

Kooth has been launched in Essex, giving our students a chance to connect, be part of an online community and seek advice on matters they find difficult to talk about.

Young people can log on to Kooth through their smartphone, tablet or computer to access qualified counsellors online, 365 days a year. Young people can also read self-help materials co-produced by other young people, join live moderated peer-to-peer support forums and access a goal-based journal. Kooth has a team of accredited counsellors, therapists and support workers to provide guided and outcome-focused support for each individual.

As a self-referral service, Kooth offers young people the choice and autonomy they need, while providing an easy route to face-to-face counselling and other services. 

If you’re a parent looking for more information about Kooth, please email  PARENTS@XENZONE.COM

Useful Links:

Kooth Homepage
Students' Kooth page with explanatory video