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Year 7 Parent Consultation Evening - 16th October 2019

Dear Parent/Carer   There will be a consultation meeting for parents of Year 7 pupils on Wednesday 16th October 2019, from 4.30-7.30pm.  This is a very important occasion as it gives parents an excellent opportunity to review the progress their child is making leading up to their examinations. Pupils are expected to attend in full school uniform.   An appointment system has been arranged, based on five minute interviews.  Parents are asked to adhere to this timing very strictly otherwise the system will not work and there will be long delays.  Some members of staff teach large numbers of children in Year 7 and it may not be possible for them to see the parents of every child in their teaching groups during the evening.  In this case parents may make a separate appointment to see the teacher concerned at some future date.   In the Pupil Planner, there is a section for Parent Evening appointments.  All pupils must request an appointment time from each teacher and complete this page.  It is the responsibility of each child to ensure that these appointments are made and that they have seen every member of staff who teaches them.   Could you please email your child’s form tutor as soon as possible confirming whether or not you will be attending. Please include your child’s full name in the email.   Would parents also please ensure that, when making the appointments, the children allow time for movement between members of staff.   Thank you for your support in this matter and, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Yours faithfully     Mr J Purkiss Deputy Head Teacher       YEAR 7 7B1        7B2        7C1        7C2        7G1        7G2        7W1       7W2       7W3      

End of Term - Letter

Dear Parent/Carer                                                                                                                                 July 2019   As we reach the end of the summer term, St Clere’s has much to celebrate for the academic year 2018-19.  Our ‘Focus’ newsletter will provide you with reports on just a few of the many events that happen termly but a few highlights from the year are:   Several excellent schools trips including New York and ski trip to Tignes, France.   Many successful theatre trips including ‘Les Miserables’ – more cultural capital for our children!   A visit from Gavin McKenna from Reach Generation. These talks are extremely informative and important for our pupils.   The St Clere’s production of “Oliver” - an amazing musical performance by all involved.    We also had another very successful swimming gala and sports day and a very enjoyable Arts and Culture Festival.   Very positive Ofsted inspection, some of the highlights from their positive report are as follows:   Children make good progress from their starting points. Leaders do all they can to ensure the school has a motivated, respected and effective teaching staff. -       Bullying is unusual most pupils stated either that bullying does not happen or that, if it does, teachers deal with it well. -       Expectations across the school are high. -       Leadership work has a clear impact on maintaining and improving standards. -       Parents are positive about the school and say they would recommend the school to others.     End of summer term information   Our GCSE results day will be Thursday 22nd August. Year 11 pupils can collect their results between 10.00am and 12.00pm.   Whilst writing, I would like to remind you that school finishes on Wednesday 24th July at 1.05pm. The contract buses have been arranged to collect pupils at this time.  Pupils who are entitled to free school meals should order this by Monday 22nd July, to be able to collect their pre-ordered food at break-time on Wednesday 24th July.  The last day of term will be a non-uniform day, the usual non-uniform rules apply and clothing must still be appropriate for school so please ensure that pupils do not wear items listed as inappropriate in the list below:     Jeans, T-shirts, sportswear are all acceptable.   Skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length.   No revealing clothing or inappropriate/offensive slogans.   Onesies are acceptable but please bring alternative clothing in case you become too warm.   Flat, closed toe shoes must be worn, no high heels.  Trainers are fine.   No shorts, hot pants or leggings.   No hats.    During the last week of term, we will be holding a range of activities, covering health and well-being for the children to take part in.  On Monday 22nd July all year 7s should bring in their sports kit and on Tuesday 23rd July could all year 8s bring in their sports kit.         Autumn term 2019 information   I can now confirm that our consultation to change the times of the school day has been completed and the proposal has been passed by the Governing Body and the Trust Board.  Please see below the new timings which will begin in September 2019.     New times Form 8.30-9.00 Period 1 9.00-10.00 Period 2 10.00-11.00 Break 11.00-11.20 Period 3 11.20-12.20 Period 4 12.20-1.20 Lunch 1.20-2.00 Period 5 2.00-3.00       All pupils return to school for the new term on Wednesday 4th September when there will be staggered start times. New year 7 pupils will start at the normal time of 8.30am, as advised previously year 7 pupils will have to make their own arrangements to get to school on the first morning.  Year 8,9,10 and 11 pupils will start at 11.05am. Contract buses will pick up year 8, 9, 10 and 11 pupils from 10.30am onwards. Taxi services and mini-buses have been contacted by Passenger Transport Unit at the LA and informed of the staggered start and we recommend that parents contact them to obtain further information.   Uniform - We value the co-operation from parents/carers to ensure all pupils show respect for themselves and their community. One way they do this is to wear correct uniform and recognise that inside and outside school, they are representing St Clere’s.     All trousers worn by male and female pupils must be flannel grey only - not black.  Trousers should cover the ankles and can be straight but not figure hugging.  We should not be able to see ankles when trousers are worn. The only exception is Year 11 senior prefects who will be permitted to wear black trousers.   Female pupils must wear a grey (not black) Trutex knee-length stitch down pleated skirt with either black tights or long white socks, worn pulled up.  Alternatively, if female pupils do not want to wear the compulsory skirt, grey trousers must be worn.  Make-up should not be worn in school. Shoes must be black leather; trainers are not acceptable (e.g. Nike or Adidas etc).  No facial piercings are permissible other than one small plain gold or silver stud in each ear lobe.  We thank you for your continued support with regard to your child’s uniform.   On behalf of all the staff and Governors, we would like to wish you a happy and safe summer.   Yours faithfully Mrs A Hughes Head Teacher